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Associação BAIRROS

BAIRROS is an active network of organizations and individual actors, which aims to contribute to the local development of Lisbon's neighbourhoods, collaborating in the construction of active, cohesive and supportive communities. It assumes itself as an intermediate agent that focuses its action in the areas of training and social innovation.


What We Do.

Believing in continued intervention as the main engine for generating social impact, Bairros projects and actions require the integration of a training component, carrying out activities within the scope of non-formal and informal education.

Due to the successive changes and alteration of the territory, and the constant need to adapt the agents who work in it, we also develop specific projects, responding in the best possible way to this challenge.

Areas of Work.


Improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of a territory is a long-term process, capable of articulating the economic, social, political and environmental dimensions.

The development of the most vulnerable neighbourhoods in the city of Lisbon has undergone the action of locally based organizations that focus on the territory their priority, exercising holistic action and developing partnerships to cover all areas that require intervention.


The creation of companies or new products, mainly as a way to create social impacts or employment itself, is a growing area in the Portuguese third sector. At the same time, training and strengthening the skills of target audiences or organizations is also a more important area of intervention, given the new challenges of social and community intervention.


Cultural and creative industries can be very important engines of social impact in local development, in the creation of active communities and even as responses to the need to create self-employment and employment for vulnerable audiences.


Promoting the inclusion of vulnerable people in the community is fundamental for the development of a fair, participatory and democratic city.

How Do We Work.

We foster networking, promoting the sharing of experiences, knowledge and resources, promoting the development of our associates and consequent local development.

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